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Novos delegados provinciais do FE

  • Publicado em ago 30, 2023.

The Road Fund, PF, has new delegates for the provinces of Sofala and Tete since August 29, 2023. This is António de Jesus Félix Mambo, who now represents the RF, PF, in Sofala, and António Francisco Gomes da Silva, nominated for Tete. To this end, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RF, PF, Ângelo Macuácua, ordered, through orders nº 27/PCA/023.4/2023 and 28/PCA/023.4/2023, of 29 August, the termination of functions of António Francisco Gomes da Silva and Antão Nhamuche, then delegates of the institution in Sofala and Tete, respectively. On the same date, he appointed the two new heads of the Roads Fund, having conferred on them on August 30th. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the RF Chairman recommended to the two new delegates to be guided by the Internal Regulations, a document that, as staff at the institution, they know very well. He also urged them to use the already accumulated experience of the Provincial Delegations of the Road Fund, PF, taking into account that they have existed for approximately 13 years, capitalizing on what is good and correcting situations that have not been good. To delegate António Francisco Gomes da Silva, the Chairman of the Board of Directors praised his experience with the RF, PF Delegations in Cabo Delgado and Sofala.

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He said that in Tete he will find new challenges, toll roads and other concessions, and he must deal with all these aspects, seeking maximum gains for the institution he represents. Addressing the engineer António Mambo, whose person is intertwined with the Technical Audit area, the top leader of the RF spoke of his dynamism in training colleagues, in the fight to improve working conditions and the vast domain for country's road network.

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“We hope that this experience will be capitalized on in Sofala. Engineer Mambo writes down everything he hears and sees. If you make a good summary of everything you have noted down over the years in the sector, you will know how to properly manage the Sofala Delegation”, said the Chairman, highlighting that this province currently has emergency repair works on National Road number one valued at around 2.5 thousand million meticais. The chairman thanked the outgoing delegate, Antão Nhamuche, for the work carried out over his 13 years in these roles, which began in Inhambane, and highlighted that it was thanks to his foresight and coordination with the National Road Administration (ANE) that it was ensured that the section of the N1 that crosses this province was, at the time, one of the best maintained in the country. The Chairman added that in both Delegations, Antão Nhamuche guaranteed good levels of execution of municipal and district road programs.